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My Talents...

Oct. 11th, 2007 | 04:24 pm
location: The Bat Cave
mood: awake awake
music: Sovereign -Red Fire

I wrote a song and it is actually a song and not the nonsensical dribble that Elen'dae continues to try and pass for lyrical music. I used to be a minstrel and a song-writer back before I was forced to become a soldier due to certain circumstances in which I had no control. This song is, however, metaphorical. It has no title at the moment, however, there is one pending.

It is about someone in particular and that someone is not me.

I was born beneath a silver moon
Between two secret stars of old
In a land wracked war
Searching for a treasure score
An object I have never seen
Is this really what you meant for me?

The soldier prince
My lord Enthralled
Your blood is dried
Your wings are tied
What is this I feel inside?
This truth, this pain, I cannot hide.

Fate, which I cannot escape
Destiny set in the stars
Follow it I must or die
This everlasting darkness take
The sacrifice I cannot make

The iron key to world’s destruction
Rests in the hands of your salvation
But is this really justified?
My lover who is fire-sired
Can you really stand beside
The hatred, which you cannot hide

Stand before me and know
I’ll never leave you all alone
No matter how you push, you pull…
I’ll never die, I’ll never go…
I was there at the beginning… and
I’ll be there at the end…

There is more... I just have not written it yet.


Sep. 16th, 2007 | 01:55 am
location: Your mom
mood: amused amused
music: My own.

indel_starheart is a restricted area. Authorised personel only


From Go-Quiz.com

Hahahahahahah! You have to be authorized personnel to be allowed in here. That's funny as shit. It says Elenion is radioactive... which is quite true.

Everybody else did it...

Jun. 8th, 2007 | 11:28 am
location: The Stars...
mood: amused amused

1. IF YOU COULD BUILD YOUR HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? I've built houses in so many different places it's not even funny. Though, I would have to say that the one place I would love to build, or rather, re-build, would be Alqualondë. My own, personal kingdom.

2. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? Hmmm... Everybody likes their leather pants and some crap. I like Elenion's pink-panther pjs and any and all pjs in general. Leather is fine and hot, but it swelters and I only wear it when I have to.

3. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PHYSICAL FEATURE OF THE ONE YOU LOVE OR TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO? I love Elenion's hair and his voice and just about everything about him. I don't love his heroine addiction, but I love everything else about him. Though, most of all, I love his wit and his humor. He can always make me laugh, no matter what, even if I don't want to.

4. WHAT'S THE LAST CD THAT YOU BOUGHT? Blind Guardian, Shadows Over Middle-Earth, because I'm a dork.

5. WHERE'S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO BE? In my hammock outside near the woods, listening to music and reading a nice book.

6. WHERE'S YOUR LEAST FAVORITE PLACE TO BE? In enclosed space or near something exploding, it brings back some really bad memories I would love to forget. Clubs make me sick sometimes too, which is the reason I don't go all that often.

7. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO BE MASSAGED? My back and my neck, because I'm always so damn stiff or knotted there, especially with the way I move around on a daily basis.

8. WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT, STRONG IN MIND OR STRONG IN BODY? Strong in mind, because the body can always be fixed if you know the right people and do you have any idea what you can DO with your mind?

9. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE IN THE MORNING? 8-ish or so, when Anvérë gets up in the morning, we usually go down to a cafe for coffee and bagels.

10. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? Heroes, because it's so very good. It's kind of like the story of all of us trying to save the damn world from something that could kill it while the world continues to sleep peacefully, oblivious.

11. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE? Ooooh, the table, nice hard surface against your back... Mmm...

12. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY? I'm a sick fuck, I'll tell you, and I have a lot of favorite childhood memories that mostly include either my father or my nanny, Airesinyë. But my favorite would have to be the first time I ever got kissed and it was by my elder sister. She was gonna get married and she wanted someone to practice on so she sat me down and taught me how to kiss. It was real nice. I miss her.

13. WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? The antics of Elenion and Elen'dae, oh Valar can the two of them cook up some doozies.

14. WHAT MAKES YOU REALLY ANGRY? Lies and untruth.

15. FAVORITE RESTAURANT/CAFE/EATERY? Peace of Mind, Café. I go there in the morning with Anvérë to have breakfast.

16. SCARIEST MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE? When Feanor slew my father on the shores of Alqualonde and burned my city to the ground. He stayed his hand from killing me, but I would have died anyway if not for Airesinye. He showed up, dripping wet in the nick of time.

17. IF THERE WAS A MOVIE MADE ABOUT YOU, WHAT CURRENT/FORMER HOLLYWOOD STAR WOULD PLAY YOU? Jonathan Rys-Myers could probably do it, he's hot enough.



20. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? Spring, because it reminds me so much of me and I blend in well.

21. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I have a super power and it's freaking, bloody awesome.

22. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? I do. It's on my right shoulder-blade and it's the emblem of my father's house.

23. DO YOU CRY OFTEN? Only when I get so annoyed I cannot stand it any longer.

24. THE SONG YOU WISHED YOU HAD WRITTEN? Noldolante. I've sung it, but I didn't write it and I wish I had. But, so does every great minstrel or musician.


26. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE HOUSEHOLD CHORE? Cleaning the kitchen, if you lived here, you'd know why.

27. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR? Horse tack, change of clothes, books and maps and stuff.

30. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DAY? Monday, because it's quiet.

31. USE ONLY ONE WORD (and an adjective) TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF. Witty.

The Thoughts in My Crazy Head...

May. 3rd, 2007 | 09:20 pm
location: In your bed, eating your waffles!
mood: contemplative contemplative
music: Goo Goo Dolls -Iris


Some golden-haired mother fucker decided to show up to the house the other day, blow the door off the hinges, incapacitate Elenion, Fëanor, Elen'dae and myself and make off with Arvalin. Someone is going to die for this. I am not happy. Arvalin and I have been through quite a bit together. Arvalin more so than myself, because most of the things he's been through, I've done to him. As I said at the beginning of this journey, I'm a borderline sociopath and once upon a time I used to be a psychotic sociopath with no borders protecting anything. The reason I can exist in the same general area as the rest of the human and elven populous is because Arvalin pushed hard enough and fixed some of it. But he sure had to go through some shit to do it. I'm glad Feanor doesn't know about any of it, because I'm sure he'd kick my ass if he did.

Arvalin is my bond-brother. I'd go to hell and back for him if he asked me to. We're comrades, brothers-in-arms and I love him. I love him like a brother, not like a lover and one can do that. I have a lover, I love Elenion, and my love for Arvalin is different than my love for Elenion. I loved Arvalin back when nobody did, when he was scarred up and broken as hell and the best fighter I knew. Ereinion made him the best fighter, the best soldier, the best at everything. He could take down someone in one hit if he wanted to. He could hear and see things nobody else could and grab an arrow out of the air an inch or so before it hit its target, whatever that may or may not be. He was fabulous and I hate what he's become. Arvalin is not a model or a doll or a performer, he's a soldier. He was born with a blade in his hand. And I swear I'll put him back where he should be if it kills me to do it.

On a lighter note, Arvalin didn't stay kidnapped for very long, as I knew he would not. He's smarter than he looks, than everyone gives him credit for being. It's the reason that he and I worked so well together, we both knew what we were doing when it came to battle. I could see into the mind of my enemy and predict his movements. I could position the army in the way I thought would be best to win and Arvalin could predict the movements of the mind of the soldier and the body of the soldier. It's the reason that Ereinion's army was so good. We were so good. Though, because Arvalin has been without war for such a long time, he's forgotten everything. The reason he was able to escape from Naurion was because of the armies of Eluréd and Elurín, the two twin sons of Dior. They arrived and distracted Naurion and then Arvalin clicked over and stayed clicked over.

I forgot to mention that didn't I? Arvalin clicks. It's a thing that happens inside of his brain whenever he is assaulted or threatened. He clicks into soldier mode. It's really become a recent thing, now that his mind is as far away from the warrior and the sword as it can be. He clicks in and clicks out. Sometimes he stays clicked and sometimes he doesn't. He's been more clicky lately and less dolly, but that doesn't really matter. His mind is not conjoined or connected in the same way it used to be and I swear I'll put it back where it should be if I have to carve him up to do it.

Fëanor might kill me for that, but I really don't give a damn. See, sociopath coming back out there just a little bit. I know Feanor fell in love with the warrior, the soldier with the talent for fighting. Not the useless fop who thinks he's prettier than everyone else. I will put him back where he needs to be, damn it. He told me he caught Eluréd's arrow out of the air and broke it in half with his hands tied. I was proud of him. He told me he tricked Isilion into letting him go and I was not so proud of him for that. Isilion is his friend and should not be tricked. Poor Isil, I'd love to get my hands on that boy's mind. I'd fix him quicker than I'd flay a dead orc.

Sometimes I do care. I care about people who are like me and need to be loved. I never hated Isilion the way I hated Arvalin in the beginning. I couldn't. Isilion was too childlike, and with his mind being eternally fourteen, he wouldn't have understood my hatred anyway. He had but one fear and that fear is Curufinwë Atarinkë and I would never hurt him with such a fear. Hell, I'd never hurt him at all. He has Gildor and that's all he needs. Maglor can be as much of a dick off as he wants and not talk to Isilion for some stupid reason, he doesn't need him.

Speaking of Maglor, he and Elen'dae have been fucking like two rabbits in mating season. Every single night and sometimes I really don't want to hear the moving of the bedsprings. Give it a rest, you guys. Though, I doubt that's ever gonna happen. Fingon says that Elen'dae's been after Maglor for longer than I've been walking the lands of Arda and if he has and finally was able to get his hands on Maglor, then more power to him. My only objection to that whole shin-dig, is the way he went about doing it.

Valar, Elen'dae, how much of an ass did you have to be. I like Galadhen and he sure as hell deserved better than that. I've never been mated before Elenion, but I know what it's like to watch the one you love walk off with someone you'll never be able to compete with. It hurts like a fucking bitch. It makes you want to kill that person, to hurt that person the way that they hurt you. It sucks. It hurts and Elenion and I weren't even blood-bound at the time, so I can imagine it would hurt a lot more if we had been. Shit. I don't really even wanna think about it. It gives me chills.

Fingon went to pick up Maedhros and Arvalin at the airport, Arvalin said that Fingon pounced him and nearly ripped his mate's clothes off in the fucking lobby. Then he said he saw them ripping each other's clothes off outside of Fingon's car and closing the door behind them. Elenion and I had sex in his car once. It's real hot. Arvalin said he wanted to have sex in Fëanor's car with the top down outside in the woods somewhere. Arvalin's gonna have to click back into being the feisty redhead before Fëanor does that. Curufin and Celegorm had sex on the counter top in the kitchen with olive oil and Elen'dae and Maglor had sex in the shower. I remember Elladan mentioning something to me about stables and hay once. I really want to be tossed over a table on of these days. Elenion keeps mentioning tossing people over tables. Well, I'm the lover now damn it. Toss me over a table.

I like sex. I like creative sex. I like sex in creative places. I like sex in creative ways and Elenion knows how to be creative. Maybe I'll smother myself in chocolate... Though, I wonder if Saeros already did that. I don't want to do something that Saeros already did. Maybe I'll tie myself up with pink ribbons and wait for him. Maybe I'll taunt and tease and flirt. I like doing that.

By the way. I like pink. Deal.

Bored Today...Did This Thing...

Mar. 27th, 2007 | 09:37 pm
mood: bored bored
music: Paradox -Noldolante

LAST MOVIE YOU SAW IN A THEATER:300 (Ereinion should have taken some pointers from that Leonitus fellow, perhaps there would have been less mountainside and more death of Sauron)
WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW:Valiant (A friend lent it to me)
FAVORITE BOARD GAME:Life (Because I always win)
FAVORITE MAGAZINE: Horse Illustrated, People (Because Edain are hillarious), Toxic (Don't you dare tell Elenion I read that), Discovery
FAVORITE SMELLS: Breakfast, the wind in the summertime, rain, snow, lilacs
COMFORT FOOD: Peaches and creme
FAVORITE SOUNDS: Horse hooves, rain drops, thunderstorms, a million screaming fans
WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD:Loneliness, when the one you love leaves you for someone else. For someone less worthy than you and the feeling you get when you KNOW you can't compete
FAVORITE FAST FOOD PLACE:Yuck, nobody in our little family eats fast food because it makes you fat and fat elves are not attractive.
FUTURE CHILD'S NAME: I can't have children... Besides, I wouldn't want any, I'd make a real bad parent.
FINISH THIS STATEMENT: "IF I HAD A LOT OF MONEY, I WOULD":I have the money and I still don't.
DO YOU DRIVE FAST:Sometimes, but usually I'm not the one driving. I prefer the horse to the horseless carriage
DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL: Yes, a big fluffy one with long dark hair and a heroine addiction
WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR:A pinto. Those things are dangerous, if you reach a certain velocity, they tend to explode
FINISH THIS STATEMENT,'IF I HAD THE TIME, I WOULD LOVE TO': Sit alone and sing lost songs no one remembers
IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR, WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE: I don't think dying my hair is a good idea, because my hair is silver and silver hair catches ANY colour and makes it brighter than usual
GLASS HALF-EMPTY OR FULL:Half empty usually until someone refills it.
FAVORITE PLACE TO RELAX: The swing under the back portch.
FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH: Meh, sports are boring...
WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED: Hand-cuffs, whips and chains and the occasional pair of leather pants


Of Dog Houses and Armagaddon...

Mar. 26th, 2007 | 10:51 pm
mood: aggravated aggravated
music: Evanescence -Call Me When You're Sober

Yes, damn it. Those are, in fact, pink kitties on my journal. It's the closest I could get to the Pink Panther, my very favorite cat. Anyways, I suppose that formal introductions are in order as I am an old fashion bastard and I like things done a certain way. I am Indelion, son of Olwë, Prince of Alqualondë and I must warn you that I bitch a lot. Most if my bitching centers around the complete and utter annihilation of my kingdom by one Curufinwë Fëanáro. I don't like him, I also don't like the fact that he married my best friend, who still refuses to believe how bad he is for him. Oh, Arvalin... Sometimes I wonder about you. I'll tell you, my journal probably isn't nearly as entertaining as my mate's, but he's insane and I'm not. At least, not really.

What's really strange is the fact that Elenion and I are even together, because when we first met, we couldn't stand each other. He thought I was cruel and "unworthy" of his time and I thought he was a whimpering sap. It goes to show you that some things can change, or rather, that people can be forgiving of others. I'm not a very forgiving person and I hate a lot of people. I hate Feanor and I don't like his sons too much either, though there are a few exceptions. Maedhros and Maglor are those exceptions, because they, unlike the rest of the lot, regret their deeds decisions concerning
the silmarils and the Teleri. Though, I wish the event that had happened at all, one cannot cry over spilled milk. One can bitch at it though, which I do quite often.

The world is going to explode, or at least, ours is once Galadhen finds out that Elen'dae's been sleeping around on him with Maglor. Maglor's hot, I will admit that, no shame in giving someone a compliment. However, his love or lust for him is going to get him up the Sirion without a paddle in the very near future. Galadhen's also been gone somewhere for about a week. I hope Elen'dae didn't like, plan this whole thing out, kill him with a hatchet and bury him in the back yard or something. I thought he had a little more class than that. I feel I am starting to get a little worried, which is a strange feeling for me. Concern.

I am a borderline sociopath. Sometimes, I really just don't give a flying dragon fuck about people. Certain people are excluded from that, but very few. Elenion (my mate) is one and Arvalin's the other. I'm not nearly as bad as Curufinwë Atarinkë, but still...there are days, more often than not, that I really just don't care who kills who, whose fucking who, or what manages to kill the world. It's not my problem. My problem is making sure Elenion doesn't develop a sudden taste for Meth. I recently discovered his addiction to heroine, at least I think it's heroine. I've never actually seen heroine before so I really don't know what it looks like or what it entails.

He's not getting anymore sex until he quits and to Elenion, that's a fate worse than death. Though, I can keep myself in check for well over a thousand years. I'm hoping he'll quit before the end of the week. That'll make things less messy. I wonder why Elen'dae hasn't figured anything out yet, but then again, Elen'dae's doing every drug under the sun except for opium, because he doesn't like the feeling it gives him. Strange he picked that drug of all things.


Something bad is gonna happen soon, I can feel it. A couple of humans discovered the sunken continent of Beleriand and the silmaril all in one sitting. Lucky lucky, for them, not us. We of the eldar will kill out families, friends, lovers etc...just to get our hands on the damn thing. And that's not even the worst part of it all. My best friend, Arvalin, is possessed by the damn thing. The day just keeps getting better.

So...for a while, we were okay. Now we're not. The Silmaril has been stolen from the Smythsonian Institute and we're SOL trying to figure out who the flying fuck did it.

I need a drink. I need to get laid and my lover is currently in the dog house...